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Cotton Candy Hair

  • Ends easily break off

  • Extremely soft 

  • Not thick or not thin (blow throw)

  • Defined tight curls 4a

How to care for Cotton Candy Hair

Dense Curly Hair

  • Head can be small or big

  • Packed hair strains make parting difficult even when straight

  • Enough hair strains for 2-3 people

  • Hair often dry

  • Must part hair in 5-8 sections to wash, detangle or blow dry

  • Hair has defined curls that range from 3a-4a

How to care for Dense Hair

Fine, Silky and Oily Hair

  • Can be heavy or light but texture is slippery

  • Oils up fast so more frequent washes 

  • Loose curls or wavy hair 2a-3a

How to care for Fine, Silky Hair

Thick Tightly Coiled Hair (Coarse)

  • Extremely tightly coiled hair 

  • Often very dry

  • Very thick hair

  • No defined curl pattern or curls

How to care for Coarse Hair
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